Monday, December 29, 2008

The Final Moments

The very day I was leaving, Sho offered to drive me to make the trip a lot easier. Well, Sho had a party the night before my departure and was completely incapacitated. Nervously, Mayu agreed to take the wheel, since she was the only one with a driver's license.

Mayu at the wheel as we pull away from Makino Train Station.

Hide in his apartment as we picked him up.

Everyone in the car. You can't really tell, but it's Mayu, Me, Mami, Shiho, Sho, Hide, and Taka.

We arrived at Itami Airport and were walking toward the check-in counter from the Parking Lot.

Later on Ai, Ryu, Yuki, Michiko, and Shota showed up to see me off.

After this last picture I failed to take more pictures, because my camera died. I said bye to everyone and got on the plane. As the plane was pulling out, I looked out my window and could see everyone at the Observation Deck waving... unfortunately they couldn't see me. I was very happy that everyone came to see me off. Those that couldn't make it called and said bye.

Over all, I had an extremely wonderful time in Gaidai, and miss everyone tremendously. I didn't feel ready to come home, but I have to graduate. haha This definitely isn't my last trip to Japan... Be ready for another Blog... I have plans in the future to study in Okinawa for a year... we'll see. Thanks for those who followed the blog and I hope it may have helped in answering some questions about Japan. If you've been dancing around the idea of Studying Abroad, I hope my blog has helped in your decision making.

Thanks again and if I go back, there'll be another blog...

Ishikawa Japan

Japan has a total of 47 Prefectures. The map below gives you an idea of where they are. The last week of my stay in Japan I went to my girlfriend's home prefecture in Ishikawa. Mayu's Grandmother made reservations in a "Ryokan," or a resort hotel with hot-baths and other accommodations, and we stayed there for three days. We took a bus from Kyoto through Fukui and into Ishikawa. The following are pictures of my stay.

Check out the map to get an Idea of where I went. I stayed in the Kansai area and stayed mostly in Osaka. I visited Kyoto, Nara, Okinawa, and Ishikawa.

Map of Japan. Click to get a bigger picture.

The first night I was there we went to Mayu's classmate's bar.... and Yes Jack Sparrow showed up. Yes people... Jack Sparrow is also Japanese. I spoke english to him and he became extremely tongue tied and said in Japanese that he doesn't speak english.

Yes, he has a gun.... and instead of a sword he carries around a Japanese Umbrella. His gun is a lighter. Jack Sparrow is a smoker.

He does like his rum though.

Mayu and Jack Sparrow.

Mayu and her friends. This is where I spent my Christmas.

We moved to Karaoke and was there till about 7:00am.

More friends.

Back at the Ryokan, we spent the day in our Yukata.

Me, Mayu, Mayu's mother, and Mayu's Grandmother.

We had crab for dinner... it was delicious.

This was the scene from outside my window. Mayu lives in Kaga city, in Ishikawa... and there really isn't anything there. The weather wasn't too nice, but way in the background in the picture are some mountains.

On our ride back home it began to snow... so I was lucky enough to see some snow.

More snow.

More Snow.

The trip to Ishikawa was really nice. It was very relaxing and the food was delicious. Mayu's grandmother and mother were very nice and Mayu's Grandmother paid for EVERYTHING... I was very grateful and couldn't thank her enough. I really hope to go back again someday.